I love him, she said
I love him though sometimes
he leaves and makes love
to other women -
he makes me happy amid
all the pain he had created in me,
he’s a good man whose anger
has taken the best of him
you don’t understand, he’s
a good man, she promised me
I cannot leave him, my friend
I love him and I have done things
I’ve done things that no man
would ever want in a woman
I’ve done things that
you can never understand, she cried
I cannot die alone and bitter,
he is my only option, my mother
loves him though she does not
know of the scars and bruises
he has left around my
body and my father
is happy there is another
man in the house that he could talk
sports and manhood with
My friend, I don’t know
a life without him
he is the only home I have
ever truly known
I cannot leave him, I’m sorry
I cannot leave him
Suhur Omar, he’s a good man
punjaban-in-suburbia: I just wanted to say that your poem "Starting Fresh" was absolutely beautiful and very moving. Ever so often you get to read something that moves you and this definitely did that for me :)

thank you so much this literally means more than you could imagine

Anonymous: Based on your definition of dating would you date?

with the intentions of marriage in mind, yes. but since im not looking to get married any time soon.. no dating for me